Workers Injured In Massive Fire at Shell Refinery Plant in Deer Park

At around 3 pm on Friday, May 5th, workers at the Shell refinery plant in Deer Park, Texas were startled by what was originally described as a massive explosion. After being corrected by Deer Park officials, it was later categorized as a fire emergency.

The fire quickly grew, quickly sending smoke and ash that was visible for miles.

As a result of Friday’s accident, a reported 9 contractors were taken to the hospital for further evaluation, but as of Saturday morning, all have been released with minor injuries.

Luckily, due to favorable winds, Deer Park officials did not require a shelter-in-place order for residents.

While still under further investigation, Deer Park officials and local fire representatives believe the fire was caused while the olefins unit was undergoing routine maintenance.

The olefins unit produces chemicals that include ethylene and propylene. Many olefins are used as building block materials for a variety of products, including plastics, detergents, and adhesives.

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