Figure 1 – INEOS plant in Pasadena, TX on March 22, 2023. Photo credit:

On March 23, 2023, a massive explosion occurred at the INEOS Phenol plant along Highway 225 near the East Beltway. The large explosion and fireball could be seen from miles away.

According to the Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office, the explosion was triggered as liquified petroleum gas was being offloaded from one tanker to another through a hose, and the first tanker had an unintentional leak.

The fire started at 11:45 am and stayed ignited until around 1 pm on the same day. Fortunately, the Harris County Pollution Control declared that there was not any impact to air quality in the area. This was due to the wind blowing any dangerous chemicals up high and away from the area.

The driver of a third-party bulk truck was present at the plant and sustained injuries in the explosion. Thankfully, the driver was conscious, alert and stable at the hospital. The INEOS Phenol plant is currently shut down as crews work with local law enforcement to determine the root cause of the incident.

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