Hyundai and Kia Issue Warning for Over 570,000 Vehicles

Figure 1 – The Hyundai logo. Photo credit:

In recent news, Korean automakers Kia and Hyundai have been forced to issue warnings for over 570,000 vehicles after it was discovered that they were at risk of catching fire. The models that have been affected are the Santa Cruz and Kia Carnival. The warning stems from a defective tow-hitch.

The potential fire risk occurs through water accumulation on the towing hitch circuit board.  According to reports, owner verification will be mailed to the affected consumers. Consumers will be able to set up an inspection of their vehicles. The NHTSA or National Highway Transportation and Security Administration has stated that it will affect only about 1% of the 570,000 vehicles. 

This latest recall is a stark reminder of the potential dangers that are associated with driving a vehicle that has not undergone proper quality assurance checks. Unfortunately, similar recalls have taken place in the past, and yet manufacturers still seem to be making similar mistakes. As we become more reliant on our vehicles and transport infrastructure, it is essential that people are able to trust in the reliability and safety of the vehicles they drive. Automotive manufacturers need to prioritize the safety and well-being of their customers, ensuring that they are not putting them at risk by releasing vehicles that are not safe.

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