Two Children Dead Due to Choking Hazard

Figure 1 – Recalled bottle and pacifier sold with Calico Critters® Animal Figures and Sets – Photo credit:

The consumer product safety commission or CPSC, and Epoch Everlasting Play LLC announced a recall of all Calico Critters flocked animal figures. This recall includes over three million units of bottle and pacifier accessories. Everlasting Play, LLC is a New Jersey-based company in Pine Brook New Jersey. The recall comes after the CPSC identified the product as a potential safety hazard.

According to USA Today, Epoch Everlasting Play, LLC, or “the manufacturer” is aware of three incidents involving the pacifier. Unfortunately, two of those incidents involved fatalities. One infant aged nine months died in Japan in 2015, and the other death involved a two-year-old in the United States. Both infants died due to choking from the pacifiers.

The manufacturer and the CPSC stated the product should be removed immediately from children. Affected households should contact Epoch Everlasting Play, LLC the manufacturer, for instruction on how to dispose of the pacifier and receive a safer replacement. The recall includes both the bottle and pacifier accessories, including all Calico Critters’ animal figures.

Injuries and even death from poorly designed children’s toys affect many children in the United States annually. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, in 2020 approximately 12 children died due to toy-related choking hazards. This included rubber balls, stuffed toys, doll accessories, a toy chest, balloons, strings, and batteries. Overall, in 2021, the United States saw approximately 206,400 toy-related injuries treated at emergency rooms.

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