PEMEX Deer Park Oil Refinery Catches Fire: Is the Community at Risk?

Figure 1 – Pemex Deer Park – Photo credit:

On Tuesday, March 14, 2023, a fire broke out in Deer Park, Texas at the PEMEX Oil Refinery. The fire burned for a number of hours causing concern throughout the Deer Park community. Chemical fires have ravaged Deer Park and nearby Houston suburbs in the past. These chemical fires can spread toxic ash throughout communities, causing health concerns and long-term health issues for residents.

PEMEX gave an “All Clear” on Tuesday afternoon. PEMEX has currently assured the community that they are not aware of any threats that the chemical fire could pose to health or life. It is unknown whether or not there were any injuries to workers at the PEMEX Oil Refinery involved in the incident.

The story is continuously developing, but members of the Deer Park community should continue to check in with local authorities to ensure that chemical exposure and burn off has not affected their air quality. If you live in close proximity and feel any symptoms it is vital that you go to an emergency room or Urgent Care clinic, depending on symptom severity. Reporting toxic effects of chemical burn off is the only way to bring awareness of the issue to the community.

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