Explosion and Fire at Pasadena Chemical Plant Injures One

Figure 1 – The INEOS Phenol power plant in Pasadena, Texas following the chemical explosion on March 22, 2023. Photo credit: www.Chron.com.

An explosion and fire erupted at a chemical plant in suburban Houston on March 22, 2023, injuring one person. The blast occurred around noon on March 22, 2023, at a chemical production facility in Pasadena, Texas. Preliminary information indicated the fire occurred when liquified natural gas was being transferred from a tanker truck to a storage tank. The injured man was reported to have possibly suffered some burns, but fortunately, his injuries did not appear to be life threatening.

The plant is owned by INEOS Phenol and produces Cumene, an organic compound used to make a variety of things including herbicides and pesticides, cleaning products, and auto parts. Cumene, as described by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, is a skin and eye irritant and may cause headaches, dizziness, drowsiness, and unconsciousness with short-term inhalation.

Judge Hidalgo provided the following statement regarding the explosion: “I know folks are concerned about ongoing safety in the area. Our Pollution Control and Hazardous Materials teams will remain on the ground to monitor the situation and ensure there is no threat to public health or safety. These incidents continue to happen too often in our community, and that is unacceptable.”

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