Why Going to the Doctor Should Be Your Priority After an Accident

One of the top questions asked of personal injury lawyers is a simple, yet important one. Should I go to the doctor? The answer will always be, “Yes, go as soon as possible and whenever the doctors tell you to go, or whenever you feel you need help.” This is best possible advice to give for many reasons.

People who have been injured in an accident should treat their physical and mental recovery as a top priority. By not going to doctors immediately, and as recommended, only increases the chances of the injuries lingering and not healing completely or quickly. Insurance companies want injured individuals to “tough it out” and not go to the doctor because they will use gaps and delays in medical treatments against any filed claim. The longer a person delays going to the doctor, the more likely it is for insurance companies to use these delays in bad faith to try and argue that no medical treatment means the injuries are not serious (or even nonexistent).

Medical records are key pieces of evidence in every personal injury case. It is important to tell treating doctors and nurses every single symptom so that they can properly diagnose and do their job to help. It is critical to explain all new and different symptoms as well as a complete medical history, even if there have been prior injuries or accidents. The medical providers can write clearer and better medical records about aggravated or brand new and different injuries, which will help prove any potential personal injury claim.

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