The Father of Tristin Dugas Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Keith Dugas, the father of Tristin Dugas, has filed a lawsuit against the unidentified driver of a Honda that hit and killed his son last year.

According to the lawsuit, Tristin Dugas was crossing the road at the 8200 block of Highway 191 in Odessa, Texas, on August 13, 2022, near the Cinergy Theater. As Tristin crossed Highway 191, an unidentified driver allegedly failed to pay the “requisite attention,” failed to control his speed, and failed to take proper evasive action, at which time he hit and killed Tristin Dugas.

There are various witnesses to the Incident, as well as a crash report pertaining to the same. However, authorities have not released the names of the driver or the names of the witnesses to the public.

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