Texas Oil Worker Dies in Mountrail County North Dakota

In early January, a Texas native, 42-year-old Daniel Navarrete died when he fell through an open hatch at Nabors Industries in Mountrail County, North Dakota according to Sheriff Core Bristol.  Reports shared that co-workers attempted to rescue Mr. Navarrete, but unfortunately he died at the scene.

Mr. Navarrete was a contractor working at the Devon Energy wellsite. Nabors Industries spokesperson Robin Davidson stated in the Bismarck Tribute, that Devon Energy owns and operates the wellsite. According to Devon Energy spokesperson Lisa Adams, “the company is devasted by the death.” Adams stated, “Safety is Devon’s priority and we have shut down drilling operations while we work with local law enforcement, OSHA, and Nabors.”

It has not been reported specifically how Mr. Navarrete died from falling into the pit, or what the cause of the fall was, such as lack of safety measures or personal protective equipment. However, his death comes on the back of many other deaths in the oil exploration sector. Just last year another worker succumbed to his injuries after an explosion in a nearby well site. According to reports, several workers have died in recent years in Mount Rail County, North Dakota. Mount Rail County is the largest energy producer in North Dakota, and North Dakota is one of the largest energy-producing states. 

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