What Is An Euo?

EUO stands for “Examination Under Oath.” When an accident happens, your insurance company has the right to conduct an EUO. Insurance companies sometimes use the EUO as a way to further investigate claims, prevent any fraudulent activity, or as a tool to gather evidence that will be used in a lawsuit.

Once an EUO has been requested, it must be conducted. Otherwise, the insurance company can deny pursuing your claim. Therefore, it is important to know what an EUO looks like.

First, you as the insured will be placed under oath to answer any questions. This means you swear to tell the truth about all relevant facts and information pertaining to the accident.

Then, you will be answering a series of questions. Depending on the nature of the case, this could take several hours long.

Being summoned for an EUO can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. A lawyer can help you navigate expectations, prepare you for answering questions, and feel more confident about your claim. Most importantly, a lawyer can help you defend your claim against insurance companies attempting to use the EUO as a way to prolong the case or as a way to intimidate you into dropping your claim.

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