Search for Four Helicopter Crash Victims Suspended: Oil and Gas Company Liable for Their Deaths

A helicopter crash in the gulf has likely proven fatal for four individuals in late December of 2022. After four long days, the Coast Guard suspended their search for the four missing persons on December 29, 2022. The pilot and three oil rig workers crashed in the gulf after a routine pick up from an oil platform owned and operated by Houston based Oil company, Walter Oil and Gas.

The sad truth is that death in the Oil field, whether it be at sea or on land, is not an uncommon occurrence. But the causes of these incidents are almost all too often preventable. In the current instance of a helicopter crash, it is likely that negligence was afoot. Helicopters do not crash without reason. A lack of training, failure to perform proper upkeep and maintenance of the helicopter, and/or the decision to fly in bad weather are just a small number of things that could have caused this incident to occur.

Families and loved ones of victims in the oil field should know that they are entitled to compensation for their losses.

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