New Propane Facility Leaves Houston Neighborhood Frustrated

CenterPoint Energy held a meeting with representatives from the Southwest Crossing neighborhood in Houston, Texas to discuss the new propane storage facility constructed a mere 500 feet away from their neighborhood. The meeting was prompted by the community’s frustration over the lack of communication and transparency from CenterPoint regarding the project.

Representatives of the neighborhood discussed their concerns about safety, air quality, and noise pollution that could be caused by the facility. They also raised questions about how CenterPoint plans to mitigate any potential impacts on local businesses and residents. CenterPoint responded by providing information on their plans for the project and outlining how they will address any potential issues that may arise from it.

The new facility has been operational since November 2022, and stores around 300,000 gallons of propane, a highly flammable fuel. Community members are frustrated that the chosen location for the facility is in a neighborhood close to so many homes and schools. The members want CenterPoint to collaborate with other city officials and departments to create an emergency plan in the event of an emergency at the facility. Many residents are fearful of gas leaks and possible explosions and want to know where to go and what to do, but they have yet to get answers.

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