Jeep recently issued a recall of 62,909 Wrangler 4XE vehicles because a software issue can cause the engine to shut off while driving. The recall affects Wrangler 4XE models manufactured between September 2, 2020 and August 17, 2022.

According to the recall, a software issue can cause a loss of communication between the diagnostic system and the engine, which can lead the engine to shut down. This defect increases the risk of an accident occurring and at least two accidents related to the recall have been documented already. Additionally, there have been 65 field reports, 112 customer assistance records, and 196 warranty claims related to the recall.

The recall repair involves updating the engine management and diagnostic software on the affected vehicles. The updated software in the control processor and the systems controlling the plug-in hybrid battery system is supposed to ensure that the engine will no longer unintentionally shut-off.

This is not the first recall that has been issued for the Wrangler 4XE, a plug-in hybrid off-road vehicle, which was introduced to the market in late 2021. There have also been recalls for fuel pump failure, inoperative side marker lights, and unsecured fuses inside the high-voltage battery.

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