East Texas Oil Rig Incident Kills Two, Injures Three

On December 6, 2022, two men were killed in an oil rig incident in San Augustine, Texas. Three others were injured as a result as well.

Around approximately 6:30 pm, law enforcement and emergency responders received calls for assistance as a result of a serious injury incident at an oilfield worksite located near FM 353. The initial reports included details about equipment, namely a hydraulic line that got loose, that was involved in causing injuries to multiple men at the worksite. Two workers were killed shortly after the incident, while three other workers were air flighted to local hospitals. The incident is being investigated by OSHA and the Texas Railroad Commission.

It takes an experienced trial attorney to investigate the true causes of an oilfield incident so that those responsible for the injuries and deaths to hardworking Texans are held accountable. There are several possible factors related to equipment becoming loose at an oilfield worksite that many have caused this incident. There are supposed to be several safety checks in place when installing and monitoring oilfield equipment. Some equipment is under high pressure and may become unsafe for use in the field. Unsafe equipment needs to be replaced to prevent future incidents from occurring. Equipment could be defective and not safely designed or fabricated by the manufacturer of the equipment. Evidence needs to be preserved as soon as possible so that all root causes can be properly and thoroughly investigated.

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