Harris County Roads Deadliest in Country

The county has seen its fair share of deadly car accidents, and unfortunately, Harris County leads the country in one category—intoxicated-related deaths per year.

According to data from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), there were approximately 150 alcohol-related traffic fatalities in Harris County in 2019, accounting for nearly a third of all traffic deaths in the county. This number continued to rise, and in 2021, there were 231 alcohol-related deaths in Harris County—a 47% increase from 2019. These are sobering statistics.

Sean Teare, head of the Vehicular Crimes Division of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, says a number of factors have contributed to Harris County roads being the deadliest in the country. These factors include a sprawling interstate system, willingness to commute long distances for daily activities, and lack of public transportation. The Texas DOT is researching initiatives to aid in roadway safety and reduce the number of deaths on Texas roads, including reviewing crash data to identify areas where drivers are more likely to crash.

It’s crucial for the community to come together to address these issues. This can include enforcing existing laws and regulations, increasing public awareness of the dangers of drunk driving, distracted driving, and speeding, and supporting programs that aim to reduce the number of deadly car accidents. With the help of law enforcement, community organizations, and individual citizens, we can work towards reducing the number of deadly car accidents in Harris County and keeping our roads safer for everyone.

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