Refineries and Chemical Plant Liability: A Duty to their Neighborhoods

As Houstonians, we constantly hear news of explosions and chemical releases from refineries and chemical plants. Often these tragic events occur in heavily populated residential areas that refineries and chemical plants call home. While there is a risk in living near these refineries and chemical plants, the facilities also have a duty to prevent dangerous situations from occurring and injuring persons in the surrounding neighborhoods. So why is the number of incidents in and around the Houston area so high?

A straightforward reason for the unusual number of explosions in Texas is the type of industries that drive its economy. Texas is the nation’s leader when it comes to petroleum refining and chemical product production. Refineries and production plants handle volatile chemicals. Without proper monitoring and safety measures, dangerous explosions can result. These facilities are often monitored in a way that does not effectively prevent or foresee disaster until it is too late.

Unfortunately, explosions endanger everyone in the vicinity, from the individuals who work at these facilities to the people in the surrounding neighborhoods. Volatile explosions can cause direct injury to people and property or even contaminate drinking water.

The laws in Texas hold owners and suppliers of chemical plants and refineries to a high standard. When these facilities and their suppliers act negligently accidents occur. Victims of these accidents often have a right to recovery and compensation under Texas Law.

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