Police Report Errors Don’t Have to Ruin Your Personal Injury Case

One of the most common legal tips is to always call the police after there has been a car accident. This is because having a neutral and trained investigator at the scene helps prove how the car accident happened. Every Texas police officer who responds to a car accident will prepare a Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Report that will include detailed information about the car accident, the people involved, and the contributing cause(s) that led the accident to occur. However, police officers are human and sometimes errors can appear in the police report.

Insurance companies will use errors in police reports to their advantage to deny personal injury claims. An erroneous police report is not the end of your case. There can be many reasons why a police report contains errors. Sometimes, the person who was injured in the accident goes to the hospital in an ambulance and the officer is not able to get both sides of the story. Other times, witnesses may have given misleading information to the police officer. It takes an experienced car accident attorney to identify an erroneous crash report and either get it corrected, or show how the police report is wrong based on the true facts.

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