Numerous Employee Deaths at Amazon Facilities

Within the last few months, Amazon has been under major scrutiny after numerous reports of employee deaths and injuries while on the job. News outlets reported within the months of July and August of this year, four workers passed away while working at Amazon facilities and warehouses. One of the fatalities occurred on “Prime Day” and the employee’s cause of death was cardiac arrest. Many coworkers of the deceased have come forward with complaints of the tumultuous working conditions prior to the fatality. One of the staff members leaked a photo of the warehouse thermometer reaching temperatures above 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Amazon denies that the employee’s death is correlated to the sweltering temperatures within their warehouse. However, recent reports have been made that since this employee’s passing, a new air conditioning system and extra fans were installed at the warehouse where the fatality occurred. Large corporations, such as Amazon, have an obligation to protect their employees from undue risks. This obligation includes taking any and all steps to ensure employee safety, health and well-being every single day their employees come into work. The deceased Amazon employee’s safety, health, and well-being were definitely not made a top priority on the day of his passing and there are major consequences for such.

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