Jury returns a $1.7 Billion verdict against Ford

Figure 1: Photo credit – www.cnn.com – https://bit.ly/38oqcli

Voncile Hill, 62, and her husband Melvin Hill, 74, were farmers traveling from their home to pick up a tractor part when their tire blew out. Their 2002 Ford Super Duty F-250 pickup rolled over. They did not survive the accident. Their children sued Ford and others.

A jury found that Ford had sold 5.2 million “Super Duty” trucks with weak roofs that would crush people in the event of a rollover. The weak roofs were found in all “Super Duty” models between 1999 and 2016. The jury unanimously imposed a $1.7 billion verdict against Ford Motor Co. A representative for Ford said that the company plans to appeal. Per their statement, “While our sympathies go out to the Hill family, we do not believe the verdict is supported by the evidence.”

The plaintiffs claim that evidence showed the wreck was survivable and the Hills died because they were crushed by the truck’s roof. Attorneys submitted evidence of almost 80 similar wrecks where others had been killed or injured when the roofs crushed them during rollovers.

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