Parents sue after losing their 11-year-old on an Amusement Park Ride

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On July 3, 2021, 11-year-old Michael Jaramillo boarded a raft on Adventureland’s Raging River Ride. It overturned and Michael drowned. His family has filed suit.

According to the suit, Michael; his parents, David and Sabrina; his brothers, David and Gus; and cousin Nyla Pettie were at the park to celebrate Michael’s brother’s (David) birthday. They got on the river rapids ride which had just reopened that day after being closed for more than a year for repairs. Michael’s mother, Sabrina, told state investigators that the raft almost immediately began bumping along the bottom of the simulated river. The ride also began to fill with water. Ultimately, it flipped. Michael’s father, David, suffered a severe shoulder injury. Unfortunately, Michael and his brother, David, who were sitting in adjacent seats with a shared seat belt, were trapped underwater. A passenger who jumped off another raft and workers installing a nearby fireworks display were ultimately able to pull them from the water. The brothers were transported by ambulance to the hospital. Michael was pronounced dead while his brother, David, was placed in a medically induced coma. David remained hospitalized for a month.  

Among other things, the suit alleges Adventureland President and CEO Michael J. Krantz “was particularly responsible to make certain that Adventure Land’s rides, such as the Raging River, were properly funded for maintenance and safety purposes. That proper maintenance and safety protocols were followed. That ride manufacturer’s design, installation, operation, and maintenance recommendations were observed. That ride maintenance and repairs were not hastily and cheaply conducted in a sub-standard manner not recommended by a manufacturer … resulting in exposure to injury and damage by Adventure Land patrons.”

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