Amusement and Theme Park Injuries In Texas

With Fall comes a number of local fairs with traveling amusement park companies arriving in town with cotton candy, corn dogs, and rides in tow. Traveling amusement park rides and even their more permanent theme park cousins are supposed to present thrills, fun, and excitement for guests of all ages to enjoy. And likely all of us have wonderful memories doing just that. But what happens when amusement park and theme park operators cut corners on safety guidelines meant to protect guests and employees alike and safeguard the traditional experience of thrills, fun, and excitement we all enjoy?

Amusement Park and theme park ride operators and manufacturers are held to strict safety standards intended to protect guests and employees alike. For example, rides must be regularly and properly maintained. Routes of access must be clear and accessible. Unsafe areas should be clearly marked and designated for non-entry. Staff should be properly trained on the operation of equipment. Rides should be designed in a manner incorporating appropriate safety features and manufactured in accordance with the appropriate design specifications.

When an amusement or theme park company or employees acts negligently, resulting in injury or loss or life, the individual or family affected may have the right to hold them accountable via a legal claim or suit.

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