Ford recall on 3 Million Vehicles

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Ford recently announced they are recalling an estimated 3 million vehicles. The vehicles are being recalled due to a faulty shifter cable that can prevent the car from being placed in the intended gear. The faulty shifter cables can easily detach or erode preventing the vehicles from being properly placed in “park” subjecting the Fords to rollaway and causing a crash or other damage. The recall can affect certain Ford models, such as the C- Max, Fusion, Edge, and Escape. Ford is supposed to send out letters at the end of this month notifying owners of the defective vehicles.

Ford has recently acknowledged that drivers of these faulty vehicles cannot avert a rollaway incident, because they will not receive any type of warning message prior. There have been multiple reports of injuries and claims of property damage due to these faulty Ford vehicles “rolling away”. This is simply unacceptable. Automobile manufacturers – such as Ford – have an obligation to construct vehicles that are safe for their customers and the general public.

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