Four-Year-Old Drowns in Texas City Pool

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Four-year-old, Zoey Jackson, drowned at an apartment complex pool in Texas City, Texas, on June 13, 2022. Police were called to the Terrace Apartments located at 2602 21st Street North in Texas City just before 9 p.m. It is unclear whether or not the four-year-old was under supervision when the incident occurred. However, it is known that the apartment complex has an in-ground pool surrounded by a wall and fence. There are no further details related to the drowning as detectives are actively working on the case, according to a statement released by the TCPD.

Drownings in apartment complex pools like this one are not uncommon. They are frequently the result of improper supervision. Further, incidents like this one area are frequently the result of improperly securing pools, allowing unsupervised minors to gain access to pools.

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