Two Killed in Helicopter Crash in Rowett

Figure 1: Helicopter crash site in Rowlett, Tx – Photo Credit

Recently, two people were killed in a helicopter crash. The crash occurred in an open lot located at the 2200 block of Lakeview Parkway in Rowett, Texas. According to witnesses and video footage of the Incident. The helicopter, a Robinson R44, was observed falling towards the earth and spinning out of control. Further, the tail section of the helicopter had separated from the main body of the helicopter. Upon crashing, the helicopter burst into flames.

Until now, there has been very little insight into the cause of the Incident. However, the NTSB stated that the helicopter’s main rotor blade made contact with the helicopter’s tail boom, causing the whole tail section to separate from the helicopter’s main body. This caused the helicopter to slow and lose control, and ultimately, crash.

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