Midtown Night Club Sued for $20,000,000.00 for Overserving Houston Man

Figure 1: Eleven Eleven Nightclub – Photo credit – www.click2houston.com – https://bit.ly/3PLriIr

Eleven Eleven Nightclub in Houston, Texas, is being sued for the wrongful death of Jesslyn Zuniga. According to the lawsuit, Ms. Zuniga was a passenger in a vehicle driven by Herminio Orozco, who was heavily intoxicated at the time. Allegedly, Orozco collided with another vehicle at high speed, ejecting Jesslyn Zuniga from Orozco’s vehicle and killing her.

The lawsuit is brought by Jesslyn Zuniga’s parents, Sandy Garza and Jose Zuniga. It alleges that Eleven Eleven Nightclub encourages a culture of self-pouring and, at the time of the incident, continued to sell and serve alcoholic beverages to Orozco “while obviously intoxicated and a danger to himself and others.” Further, the suit alleges it is Eleven Eleven Nightclub’s “routine business practice to over-serving alcohol.” Further, the lawsuit alleges the Nightclub caused and/or contributed to Jesslyn’s death by overserving Orozco.

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