Jury awards Injured Victims and Families of people killed by a Crane Collapse $150 Million

Figure 1: Washington 2019 Crane Collapse Site – Photo credit abcnews.com – https://abcn.ws/3yit79t

In April of 2019, a crane collapsed in a Washington neighborhood due to gusting winds. The winds were able to knock the crane over because workers prematurely removed pins that were holding the 20-foot sections together. State regulators called the incident “totally avoidable.” Two ironworkers were killed, as well as Alan Justad, 71, a former city planning official, and Sarah Wong, a 19-year-old university student. The families of Mr. Justad and Ms. Wong filed wrongful death lawsuits. The jury awarded over $150 million to the surviving families and those injured.

The jury found that three companies (Omega Morgan, Northwest Tower Crane Service, and Morrow Equipment Co.) had caused $150 million in damages. However, the jury assigned only 25% of the blame for the incident to Morrow; further, they were not involved in the trial.  Lawyers for the victims said separate claims are being pursued against that company.

Northwest Tower Crane supplied the crew of ironworkers, and Omega Morgan supplied a large mobile crane that was used to disassemble the tower crane. Together, the jury found they were responsible for 75% of the damages.

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