Grayson County, Texas Jury Awards $15.6 Million in Electrocution Case

Figure 1: Site photo of electrocution – Photo credit

A jury in Grayson County, Texas recently awarded a $15.6 million verdict in a case involving three plumbers who were electrocuted while working at an apartment complex. The electrocution occurred when the three plumbers lifted a flagpole out of its sleeve in order to continue digging around a water main. During the process of lifting the flagpole, it fell onto overhead powerlines, causing the three plumbers to suffer electrocution. One of the plumbers was killed, while the other two survived.

The lawsuit was filed against the company that managed the apartment complex, which had originally directed that the flagpole be installed next to overhead power lines and a water main.

At trial, the apartment complex alleged it had no duty to avoid installing flag poles next to power lines and water mains. The apartment complex also sought to apportion blame on the plumbing company that the plumbers were working for.  

The jury returned a verdict of $10.5 million for the wife of the deceased man and his two children and $5.1 million collectively for the other two plumbers who survived but were electrocuted. Before trial, the attorney for the plumbers sent multiple demands for the complex’s $1 million insurance policy. Those demands were not met, and no counteroffer was ever made.

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