Family of Tyre Sampson Files Suit After 14-year-old Falls to Death from Drop Tower

Figure 1: Florida Amusement Park FreeFall drop – Photo The New York Times

On March 24, 14-year-old Tyre Sampson visited ICON Park in Orlando, Florida and decided to try out the Orlando FreeFall drop tower ride, which lifts its passengers up and drops them from nearly 400 feet in the air at speeds than can exceed 75 miles per hour. The ride is described by its operators as the world’s tallest freestanding drop tower. The harness sensor in Tyre’s seat was “manually loosened, adjusted and tightened”, which allowed for a greater gap than normal between Tyre’s harness and his seat, leading to Tyre’s fall.

The attorney for the Sampson family stated since the filing of the wrongful death suit that a number of witnesses have come forward to reveal that they had also rode in the same seat as Tyre and complained of it feeling “like it was loose, that it was different than the other seats.”

Dangerous events like the tragic incident detailed above happen more often than we think. Usually, the owners do not take action unless their hand is forced. If you signed a waiver that does not mean you signed your life away.

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