Spouse Out of Work Because of a Workplace Injury?

Workplace injuries occur on a daily basis in Texas, particularly in industries with potentially dangerous, manual labor positions. Higher-risk industries may include the oil & gas industry, chemical refinery industry, maritime industry, and other manual labor industries. Texas Law protects employers who have workers’ compensation from liability in most workplace and work-related injuries, but often there are other third parties involved in workplace injuries who escape liability for their negligent actions. Third parties can be held accountable for the damages caused by their negligent actions that led to the injury of a spouse or loved one. The parents, spouse, widow/widower, and/or the child of an injured worker also have the right to pursue legal action against responsible third parties involved in the work-related incident.

When a loved one is severely injured, it can affect their entire family. Some family members can spend weeks or months caring for their loved ones while they are in the hospital. Many times, years are spent caring for an injured loved one at home while they recover from an injury. The burden that falls on the family of an injured person is heavy. Particularly when the injured person was the main breadwinner of the family. Financial hardship collides with the physical and emotional burden put on a family when the severe injury of a loved one means that the family breadwinner temporarily, or permanently, cannot return to work.

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