Residents Injured By Brownsville Apartment Fire

Figure 1: Photo of apartment complex fire – Photo Credit

On April 24, 2022, Brownsville apartment complex, Lakeside Apartments, caught fire. Residents of the apartment complex were at their apartments when the smell of smoke was noticed. The source of the fire was witnessed to be stemming from a ceiling patio light that spread towards the wall. Ultimately, a massive fire developed and endangered the residents.

At least 16 units were affected by the fire with approximately 8 units being completely destroyed. At least two residents reported suffering from smoke inhalation and required medical attention. Residents of these units lost many personal items due to the damage caused by the fire and smoke, as well as by the efforts of the Brownsville Fire Department to contain and eliminate the fire.

Apartment complex fires are not simple cases for the average personal injury lawyer. Most lawyers do not have the experience in handling these sorts of cases. Normally, quick and thorough action is required as early as possible. Evidence can be lost or even intentionally destroyed by the landlord or property owner of the apartment complex. A restraining order needs to be put in place immediately so that experts can conduct an inspection to confirm the source of the fire and any contributing factors, such as bad electrical wiring, broken smoke detectors, and other building code violations. There also needs to be a thorough analysis of the repair and maintenance history and reporting of safety issues that were not properly or timely addressed.

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