Man sues Amazon after Amputation

Justin Hartley was riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle when a rented Hertz truck with an Amazon logo turned into his lane of travel. The truck hit Mr. Hartley and he sustained severe injuries, including fractures to his left wrist and left leg. Doctors were unable to salvage Mr. Hartley’s left leg and he had to have an amputation. Mr. Hartley has filed suit against Amazon and alleged that unrealistic expectations on delivery drivers led to negligence behind the wheel.

According to the lawsuit, Christopher Gill, the Amazon delivery driver, admitted to authorities that at the time of the crash, he was looking down at GPS directions that were supplied by Amazon on his Amazon-supplied navigation device. Mr. Hartley’s counsel has claimed, “The driver was so entranced in making his delivery that he did not see our client.” The suit challenges the safety of the company’s business model and alleges that “the illegal, improper and careless acts” of the Amazon delivery driver were the cause of the collision. Additionally, according to the lawsuit, drivers for Amazon and Amazon Logistics are required to use the Amazon “Flex App,” which monitors every aspect of a delivery driver’s route, including what directions to use, when to take breaks and lunches, and when to return to the station.

Per the lawsuit, if a driver falls behind the desired pace during a delivery, Amazon sends a text message stating the driver is “behind the rabbit” and needs to be “rescued” to ensure that “packages on the route are delivered in compliance with Amazon Logistics’ unrealistic and dangerous speed expectations.” The driver’s pay can be reduced if he or she falls “behind the rabbit” or requires rescues too often. In conclusion, “The mandated use of the Flex App while driving creates the foreseeable risk that Amazon drivers will be distracted while operating their vehicles, resulting in a hazardous condition on the roadways of the Commonwealth,” per the lawsuit.

When someone is injured or dies as a result of an accident, financial recovery may be available. Such recovery is particularly important when permanent, life-changing injuries are incurred. It is important to contact someone who understands the intricacies of the injured party’s right to recover.

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