DA on Spring Break: “Deadly week to two weeks in Harris County”

At least two fatal motor vehicle accidents involving alcohol were reported over the weekend. With Spring Break and St. Patrick’s Day on the horizon, Harris County officials are pleading with residents to stay safe and off the road following social outings involving alcohol.

On Friday night, a one-vehicle crash near the Galleria left the passenger dead and the driver in critical condition. According to officials, there is no indication that another car was involved or that the breaks were applied prior to the vehicle crashing into a pillar in the median of the roadway. “It was simply the car left the roadway and a woman’s death because of it.” Based on initial reports of the crash, police believe the driver was intoxicated.

A second accident occurred near downtown at the 3500 block of Gulf Freeway when a man was struck by a drunk driver. According to reports, the deceased driver was traveling the wrong way down Gulf Freeway when he collided with another vehicle and got out of his car. Officers stated that a third vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed then struck and killed the wrong-way driver. The driver of the third vehicle reportedly told the officers he had been drinking.

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office stated that this is the beginning of a “very, very deadly week to two weeks in Harris County.” According to TxDOT, there were 872 DUI and alcohol-related crashes last year in Texas over Spring Break. As a result of those accidents, 30 people died and 107 suffered severe injuries.     

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