All motorists in Texas are required to stop at the scene of an accident resulting in injuries or property damage. Motorists are required to exchange identification, insurance information, and offer assistance if possible.

Although unlawful to flee the scene of an accident, a motorist is likely to flee if they: (1) do not have automobile insurance; (2) have a suspended license or a prior record of traffic violations; or (3) is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. A hit and run driver who is apprehended may face criminal charges, civil legal action, and other consequences. At any rate, finding the negligent party may pose challenges, even with surveillance cameras or smartphones, which can create complications in recovering compensation for your injuries.

Calling the police to investigate the incident can help identify and apprehend the driver and may serve as valuable evidence in support of your personal injury claim. If a hit and run driver can be identified, a personal injury claim can be brought against the individual. However, if the fleeing driver was not found, you may be able to seek compensation through your own insurer, provided that you purchased Uninsured (UM) coverage.

In Texas, all insurance companies are required to offer UM coverage. This coverage allows you to file a claim with your own insurance company and provides coverage where the negligent party is uninsured or in the event of a hit and run incident. It is important to note that strict deadlines apply for filing UM claims so it is important to act quickly. By failing to file a UM claim within the required time period, the insurer will likely deny the claim.

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