Increase Your Odds of Compensation With an Experienced Car Accident Law Firm

In the US, a car accident happens every 60 seconds. While many of them are fender benders and don’t cause any injuries, others result in significant damage to one or several parties. If you’ve been the victim of an incident that wasn’t your fault, you should get in touch with a Houston, TX car accident law firm. A highly experienced attorney can maximize your chances of receiving the compensation you need to move on.

After a traumatic injury, you might need medical care for several weeks or months. This means that you have to miss work or might even lose your job. Your lawyer will compile evidence to prove that the incident was another party’s fault and that the injuries you are suffering from are a result of the accident. They might also explore other avenues, such as filing a lawsuit against a car manufacturer. Let’s have a closer look at what you can expect.

How a Car Accident Law Firm in Houston, TX Increases Your Chance of Compensation

If someone else caused your accident because they weren’t paying attention, broke the local traffic rules, or were under the influence of alcohol, you can file a lawsuit against them. However, it’s your responsibility to prove their guilt and to demonstrate that your injuries were caused by the collision. You won’t receive any compensation if you fail to do this.

That’s why hiring a competent personal injury lawyer is crucial. They will start by offering you a free consultation, during which they can give you an idea of what to expect. Then, they work with you to gather evidence and lay out your case in a favorable way. Throughout the process, your attorney will communicate with all parties in an efficient way, so there is no buildup of tension.

Analyzing Your Situation and Building Up Realistic Expectations 

Reputable firms like Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner will offer you a free initial consultation, so you can get to know your lawyer and decide whether you would like to work with them. During this discussion, you will tell them what happened to you and what injuries you have been suffering from as a result. You should bring any evidence you already have, such as medical bills or photographs.

Once your lawyer has understood your situation, they will let you know what to expect. You might be surprised by the amount of compensation you can receive. In fact, many people who fail to hire an attorney don’t fully appreciate the gravity of their situation, so they don’t ask for enough money. This can be avoided by working with professionals who have seen similar cases before.

Proving the Other Party’s Fault 

The burden of proof is on you, so you will need to demonstrate that the other driver caused your accident. In some cases, this is quite straightforward, for example, if the person broke a traffic law, if they were under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or if they were distracted by their phone or other passengers. A particularly common issue is rideshare accidents, which are caused by an Uber or Lyft car.

Fortunately, drivers working for such a company are almost always insured, so you will be able to make a claim and receive the money you need. Your car accident lawyer will let you know what evidence you need to provide them with, and they will then work on laying it out in a way that proves the other party’s negligence.

Proving Your Accident Resulted in Your Injuries 

The second aspect you’ll need to prove is that your injuries were caused during your accident. This is where your medical records and statements from your doctors will come in. They will need to provide evidence that a car crash has resulted in your current health problems, and they should also make predictions about your future condition.

In particular, your medical professionals need to let the judge know how long your injuries are likely to last and how much time off work you will require. When you work with a Houston, TX car accident law firm, finding this kind of proof is much easier because they have contacts with expert witnesses. Thus, your doctors’ claims can be supported by other medical professionals who are accustomed to testifying in court.

Exploring Other Avenues 

Sometimes, it is simply not possible to prove that the other party was at fault. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up. Often, there are other avenues to explore, since the drivers aren’t the only ones who can be held responsible for an accident. In some cases, the cars are examined and a defect is found. This could be the manufacturer’s fault, or it could be a problem with the last repair.

Accidents can also happen on private land or on a parking lot because the landowner didn’t properly secure their property. This could be grounds for a lawsuit. If you’ve attempted to prove negligence but haven’t been successful, you should take advantage of our free initial consultation to find out whether there are any other options.

Smooth and Efficient Communication 

A lawyer’s primary job is to make sure your rights are represented to the best of their ability. This is achieved by communicating with all parties and making sure you and the defendant understand what compensation you are entitled to. They explain complex concepts in a clear and simple manner and lay out your case in a way that highlights the other person’s negligence and your resulting injuries.

Often, you will be contacted by the other party’s insurance company after an accident. They might try to make you admit responsibility, or they could offer you a very low settlement amount. Avoid entering an argument with the adjusters, and ask to speak to them with your lawyer present. That way, you avoid potentially costly mistakes.

What Should You Do Next? 

Hiring a lawyer is almost always the best course of action after an accident caused by a negligent party. Depending on your situation, it can be hard to prove your right to compensation, and even if the defendant agrees that you were at fault, they might offer you an amount that is too low for your medical needs. Your attorney can fight for your rights and help you achieve a positive outcome.

To get started, you should get in touch with a local law firm and ask them for a consultation. That way, you can meet the lawyers, decide whether you would like to work with them, and find out how much compensation you can realistically expect.

Get Compensation After an Accident

Car accidents are always traumatic, especially if you are suffering from long-term injuries as a result. But the situation can be even worse if you know you weren’t responsible. You might be racking up medical bills and forced to take time off work due to someone else’s negligence. Fortunately, you can receive compensation for your physical and emotional pain and the increased living expenses you are facing.

To maximize your chances of success, you should work with an experienced and well-respected car accident law firm in Houston, TX. Great lawyers can make the difference between failure and success, so it’s crucial that you pick someone with the necessary local knowledge. Contact us today at Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner to book your free initial consultation with one of our top attorneys.