Harley Davidson Seatback Recall

Motorcycle manufacturer Harley Davidson has issued a recall for the Pan America 1250.

According to Harley Davidson, the issue with its 2021 Pan America motorcycles is due to the seat base potentially fracturing. Harley Davidson says that field data indicates the fracture condition may develop when a rider grasps the grab rail attached to the seat base while maneuvering the bike up onto its center stand. Specifically, the seat base “may lose thread insert retention at one or more of the fastening locations,” says Harley.  If the seat base or handhold fractures while the bike is in motion, there is a significant risk of catastrophic injury and death.

The recall affects bikes built between March 8, 2021, and October 23, 2021, and around one percent of the 2,689 motorcycles manufactured during that period are believed to be affected.

Motorcycle manufacturers have a responsibility to sell products that lack design or manufacturing defects that make them unsafe. Fractures in the framework are a known hazard in motorcycle manufacture that can lead to a severe accident caused by structural failure. The risks to riders posed by these design or manufacturing defects could happen anywhere and at any time. Manufacturers have a responsibility to create reasonably safe products for the rider that.

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