Abraham Watkins Leads the Way in Burn Injury Cases

The burn injury lawyers at Abraham Watkins regularly represent industrial workers involved in a catastrophic refinery, chemical plant, and well site fire and explosion cases in which one of the primary injuries sustained are burn injuries. Below are some common facts or features associated with burn injury cases:

  • Typical Causes

Burns can be caused by damage sustained due to, among other causes, heat, chemicals, electricity, or radiation. Hot liquids and steam can result in scalding-type injuries. Inhalation injuries are a closely related type of injury and occur in situations in which the victim breathes in particles in the air and toxic fumes caused by a fire or explosion.

  • Typical Treatments

Depending on the severity of the burn sustained, a victim may undergo treatment ranging from ointment and bandaging up to needing more extensive treatment like surgeries, skin grafts, and even amputation. A skin graft is a procedure in which skin is taken from a healthy donor spot on the victim and thereafter transplanted onto the area affected by a burn injury.

  • Typical Categories of Recovery

In addition to the recovery of medical expenses associated with the care for treating burn injuries and sums for the pain and suffering sustained, a burn victim may also seek recovery for disfigurement for any continued scarring. This includes amounts needed for procedures if the scarring is medically reversible and even in cases where the scarring is permanent and cannot otherwise be medically repaired.

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