Mother Sues Headstone Vendor After Her Child’s Finger was Amputated After Being Crushed by Headstone

On December 20, 2021, a Brazos County Resident filed a lawsuit in Brazos County District Court against Watson Signs and Monuments, LLC after her young son’s finger was crushed by a toppling tombstone, pinning him by his finger. The Plaintiff was shopping at the business with her family, there to purchase a headstone for her then-recently passed father. The crushing caused such severe damage to her son’s finger that after spending weeks in the hospital, his right thumb was partially amputated. Her son is right-handed. As a result of the unstable condition of the headstone, such that it could collapse when touched, caused her son significant and disfiguring injury, for which the Plaintiff asserts causes of action for premises liability against Watson Signs and Monuments.

In Texas, business owners have a clear duty under the law to “make safe the premises,” meaning a property owner has a responsibility to systematically inspect the premises for dangerous conditions that could pose a hazard to customers on their property. These customers are assigned a special status under the law, along with a unique title: “Invitee.” In accordance with this responsibility, if a hazard is discovered, property owners like Watson are to warn invitees of the condition and potentially, provide barricades or physical barriers to prevent invitees from contacting the hazard.

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