Family of Woman Killed by 18-Wheeler Awarded $730,000,000.00

A jury awarded $730,000,000.00 to the surviving family members of Toni Combest, a 73-year-old great-grandmother. Combest was killed on February 21, 2016, when a Landstar Ranger, Inc. cargo truck left its lane of traffic and hit her at approximately 65 miles per hour. The truck was hauling a 197,000-pound propeller for a U.S. Navy nuclear submarine. Combest died at the scene of the Incident.

Combest’s surviving family members sued Landstar Ranger, Inc., alleging that its negligence and gross negligence resulted in Combest’s wrongful death. The case was heard last week in the 276th District Court of Titus County. A jury awarded the family $480,000,000.00 for Landstar’s negligence and $250,000,000.00 as punitive damages for Landstar’s gross negligence.

Unfortunately, accidents like this are all too common. In 2020, Texas led the nation in fatal truck accidents with a total of 513 fatalities. Victims of these accidents and their families are entitled to justice and compensation for their catastrophic losses.

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