New Year’s Distractions Abound But Must Be Avoided While Driving

Distractions have abounded during the 2021 holiday season, from the rise of the Omicron variant in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to the search for available COVID-19 testing to coping with canceled flights, to news of potential new lockdowns and safety measures, and the ever-continuing questions about when and how things will ever get back to “normal.”  In the meantime, families are `nonetheless hitting the roads this holiday to try to be together in some form or fashion.  While distractions abound as New Years’ approaches, they must be avoided on the inevitably busy roadways.

Given the frequency of its usage, motor vehicle travel has the highest fatality rate of any mode of transportation.  Unfortunately, this is especially so during the holiday season. The National Safety Council (“NSC”) recently estimated that 384 people would die in car accidents in just four days, between December 31 and January 3.  An average of 43,800 drivers and passengers were also estimated to have been injured during that same four-day period.

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