Fiery Plane Crash Near Katy, Texas

The National Transportation Safety Board or NTSB is currently investigating a plane crash near Katy, Texas.  The crash occurred at Houston Executive Airport, a small airport near the city of Houston mainly used for general aviation such as chartered planes and privately owned civil aviation aircraft. 

The crashed aircraft is an MD-87, produced by McDonnell Douglas Aerospace Company.  The aircraft was first introduced by McDonell Douglas in 1985, although it is not clear when this specific aircraft was produced. The crash occurred on October 19, 2021, around 10:00 AM. All 19 passengers were able to escape the fire, as well as the three crew members aboard the aircraft.  According to reports, only one person was injured, with no fatalities currently reported. Tim Gibson, Emergency Service Director for Waller-Harris Emergency Service District 200, stated “we absolutely, positively got the best outcome we could hope for”.

Reports state that the crash occurred as the aircraft was attempting to take off.  For reasons currently unknown, the take-off appears to have been aborted last minute. Local news reported the aircraft “ran off the runway” and tire marks could be seen in the unpaved area of the airport past the end of the runway. Local fire departments responded rapidly to the crash scene and found the aircraft engulfed in flames. Likely the aircraft suffered from some type of mechanical failure, although the NTSB is still investigating the incident and the cause is yet to be determined. 

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