Dangerous ATV Recalled Due to Crash Hazard

About 13,000 ATV units were recalled due to a crash hazard. The recall was issued by Polaris, the ATV importer, and seller. The ATVs involved were the Phoenix All-Terrain Vehicles, sold by Polaris from 2011-2021. The ATVs were sold in red, blue, or gray colors. The word “Polaris” is displayed on the front body and the sides of the ATV, and the side panels contain the word “Phoenix 200.” Customers can find the Vehicle Identification Number in the vehicle’s front left frame.

Consumers are able to call Polaris or access Polaris’ website to check whether the VIN on their ATVs is one of the ATVs being recalled. Some of the vehicles recalled were previously recalled once in 2020 and another time in 2018.

The recall, which occurred on September 23, 2021, was issued when it was found that the throttle speed control stop can break and become struck, posing a crash hazard. Polaris received around 18 reports of the throttle stop breaking and sticking, and at least one report of a crash which resulted in a minor injury. Consumers are advised to immediately stop using the recalled vehicles and contact Polaris to receive a free replacement throttle speed control bracket. Polaris is also notifying dealers and contacting registered owners directly.

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