It’s Not All Fun & Games – Playground Injuries

Teeter totters,  jungle gyms, monkey bars, slides, and swings populate playgrounds around the country and the memories of children and the young at heart.  But what happens when these places intended for enjoyment and laughter bring pain and tears instead?

 Roughly 200,000 injuries occur each year in the United States involving playground equipment.  Included in this figure are about fifteen fatalities occurring annually.  While some children may naturally be prone to incidental bumps and bruises, not all playgrounds are created equal, and not all meet industry standards and regulations borne of the experience of playground products and practices that tend to result in a higher frequency or severity of the injury.  When a child is hurt by such a product or practice, natural questions many parents have in the aftermath include who is responsible and how they can make sure it never happens again.

Depending on the unique circumstances of each incident, the three parties most often held responsible include (1) the manufacturer of the playground equipment; (2) the contractor installing the playground equipment; and (3) the owner of the playground. 

A common but often overlooked culprit in some instances is the surfacing beneath playground equipment.  Our understanding of the physics involved in falls in conjunction with advances in technology as to the materials used has outpaced what some playground owners have in place. 

One hopeful element borne out of these tragic injuries involving playground equipment is that one family can make a difference for others to ensure similar injuries do not happen again.  Holding playground manufacturers, installers, and owners accountable can force a change in equipment and practices.    

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