Fire and Burn Hazard leads to Recall of Lithium-ion Battery

Lithium-ion batters remain a source of product recalls, injury, and product liability lawsuits. Often found in portable external batteries and power banks, these products pose fire and burn hazards to end-users. Most recently, myCharge, makers of the myCharge Powerbank, has issued a widescale recall covering 67,000 units due to concerns that the lithium-ion battery can overheat and ignite, posing fire and burn hazards.

The recalled power banks include the following model names, model numbers, and date codes:

Model NameModel NumberDate Codes
myCharge Adventure MegaModel No. AVC20KG-A 2818, 3718, 4018, or 4518
myCharge Adventure Mega C Model No. AVCQC20KG-A2818
myCharge Razor Mega Model No. RZ20KK-A3818, 4118, 4418, 4918, or 1719
myCharge Razor Mega C Model No. RZQC20KK-A3818
myCharge Razor Super Model No. RZ24NK-A0319
myCharge Razor Super C Model No. RZQC24NK-A3319 or 3519
myCharge Razor Xtreme Model No. RZPD26BK-A2818, 3718, or 3918

These models are used for powering and recharging electronic devices that have a USB interface such as tablets, cell phones. Bluetooth speakers, e-readers, etc. The Consumer Product Safety Commission advises that the model name can be found on the back of the product case and on the bottom panel of the product packaging. The date code is printed on the outer packaging and the product case, except for the Adventure Mega and Adventure Mega C models where the date code is printed on the underside of a flap on the top of the product case.  

In a notice posted October 27, 2021, the Consumer Product Safety Commission further warned that:  

“Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled power banks and contact myCharge for instructions on returning the battery to obtain a refund[.]”

The agency has received 30 reports of the power banks overheating, resulting in seven injuries, including burns and property damage.

The products were distributed to a number of retailers such as Best Buy and Target and online at,, and

The CSPC notice can be found here.

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