Federal Agencies Underreport Offshore Oil & Gas Deaths, Creating the Illusion of Safety

Recent investigations into the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (“BSEE”) allege that deaths of offshore oil and gas workers frequently go unreported. Specifically, “inconsistent and missing data, as well as loopholes that allow some fatalities to go unreported, make the offshore industry appear safer than it really is.”

Investigators allege that at least 30% of offshore oil and gas worker deaths were not reported from 2005 to 2019. The BSEE had a variety of reasons for not reporting deaths. If a fatality occurred in state waters, the BSEE would not report it. If the BSEE determined that a fatality was not “work-related,” then it would not report it. For example, an oil and gas lift-boat capsized earlier this year, claiming six lives. However, a BSEE spokesperson says they would not report the six fatalities because the boat was being used as a transport during the incident, rather than as an oil and gas platform.

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