Can You File a Personal Injury Lawsuit if You Weren’t the Driver?

No matter the exact details of the situation, an accident on the road is always traumatic for all parties involved. What’s more, such an incident can lead to long-lasting damage, job loss, and even the inability to function normally. If it’s clear who was at fault, many people decide to sue the relevant party to reclaim some of their losses. But is a personal injury lawsuit possible in Houston, TX, if you weren’t driving the vehicle when the crash occurred?

In most cases, the answer is yes. In fact, it doesn’t matter whether you were the driver, a passenger, or simply someone in the wrong place at the wrong time. As long as you weren’t at fault and you sustained serious damage, you can file a lawsuit and claim the compensation you need to restart your life. Let’s have a closer look at some of the possible situations and what you can do to build a good case.

Filing Your Personal Injury Lawsuit if You Weren’t the Driver in Houston, TX

After a car crash, you might face a number of consequences, such as high medical bills, needing to take time off work while you recover, an inability to return to work at all, and problems completing normal daily activities that were easy before the incident. Although a lawsuit can’t take these problems away, it can help you to recover and regain your quality of life without you having to worry about the financial consequences of what happened.

If you were a passenger in a private car, using a rideshare app, or simply out and about on foot or on your bicycle, you can file a lawsuit. The best strategy is to hire a great personal injury lawyer who is experienced in this field and let them build your case with you. That way, you’ll gain the maximum amount of compensation and be able to cover all the costs you’ve incurred.

Rideshare Accidents 

Over the last few years, rideshare apps such as Uber and Lyft have become more and more common. The drivers who work for these companies are usually not as well-qualified and knowledgeable as regular taxi drivers, so incidents and accidents are more likely. Fortunately, they are almost always covered by liability insurance, so making a claim against a rideshare driver is fairly straightforward.

Being Injured While Cycling or Walking

Some of the worst accidents involve motor vehicles and cyclists or pedestrians. Because you are the weaker element on the road, you are much more likely to get injured severely if you’re not in the car. If your accident was clearly the driver’s fault, you should always file a lawsuit, as you might face the consequences of what happened for many years.

What’s more, by making the person take responsibility for their actions, you could prevent the same thing from happening again to someone else. Even if there is some doubt as to who was responsible, you should speak to an attorney and find out if you have a valid case. Sometimes, you can claim some level of compensation even if the incident was partly your fault.

Who Can Be Sued? 

As a passenger, you might wonder who can be sued for an accident on the road. The most obvious option is to involve the person who drove you, especially if they were acting irresponsibly and putting you at risk. However, there might be other people or organizations who played a part. Your lawyer will have contacts in a variety of industries, who can help to determine whether anyone else was at fault.

For example, one of the vehicles involved could have been faulty due to an issue with a component. In such a case, the manufacturer or the mechanic can be sued, as they put people at risk by not double-checking the quality of their work. Similarly, you could sue the landowner if your accident happened on private property and there was an issue with the road or terrain. A great attorney will explore all these options with you to find the best solution.

No Downsides for You 

Sometimes, people are hesitant to file a personal injury lawsuit in Houston, TX because they are worried about the consequences for their own life. You may have heard stories of people who ended up being at fault, for example, because they were drunk while driving or because it turns out that they caused the accident. But if you’re a passenger, there is no chance of this happening because you can’t be held responsible for the incident.

In this way, there is no downside to filing a lawsuit. Before taking you on, your attorney will make sure that you have a valid case, so you won’t be wasting your time. Thus, the worst that can happen is that you get minimal compensation. By working closely with your lawyer, you can avoid this outcome and receive everything you need to provide for yourself and your family.

How to Build a Good Case 

Now that you know you’ll be able to file your lawsuit, you might wonder how to optimize your strategy. Your medical bills are likely to be high, and you may have a family who relies on you for income. The easiest way to make sure you don’t end up with less than you deserve is to get in touch with a great personal injury lawyer and let them help you find all the evidence you’ll need.

Hire a Great Personal Injury Lawyer 

Choose an attorney who is familiar with personal injury cases related to road accidents in Texas. Such a professional will know all the rules and regulations and therefore be able to tell you quickly whether you have a good case. At your initial consultation, they will speak to you about what happened and give you an estimate of what you can expect to gain. If you decide to hire them, you’ll work together closely to build a strong case.

Get Together as Much Evidence as Possible 

The most crucial part of your case will be the evidence you can provide. You can bring what you already have to your lawyer’s office, and they can evaluate it. Then, they can find out if you’ve missed anything. Your attorney has many contacts in the local area, so they’ll be able to unearth additional evidence from eyewitnesses, surveillance cameras, and other sources.

Being injured in a crash is a life-changing experience, and it doesn’t matter if you were driving at the time or not. Passengers, cyclists, and pedestrians are just as likely to get hit and injured, so they can all file a personal injury lawsuit in Houston, TX. In fact, there is no chance of a passenger being at fault, so you don’t risk any issues with the law or problems with your insurance if you decide to claim compensation. 

A great personal injury lawyer local to the area can help you build a good case and obtain the evidence you need to win. They will work with you throughout your case to make sure you’re supported at every step and that you present yourself in the best light possible. As a result, you can expect a much better outcome, which allows you to rebuild your future. Get in touch with us now at Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner to book an initial meeting.