Teenager Hits Six Houston Area Cyclists

A teenage driver slammed into a group of Houston area cyclists last Saturday, injuring six people, near Waller County, a city west of Houston. The collision happened on Business 290 near the Bettis Water Tower. Two cyclists were airlifted to the hospital while two others were taken by ground where they are being treated for head trauma, shoulder, neck, and back injuries.

The teenager was driving a Ford F-Series Super Duty pickup truck. According to a witness, the group of cyclists was training for an Ironman Marathon when the teenager deliberately tried to taunt the group of cyclists by “rolling coal,” or blowing a noxious cloud of black exhaust from the truck’s tailpipe into the bicyclists’ path.

Cyclists across the country have been the target of coal rollers and this incident is exactly what can happen in the aftermath of these stunts.

The driver of the pickup truck was identified as a 16-year-old boy. According to the witness, the teen stayed at the scene and met with police after hitting the cyclists.

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