Liability Insurance Required For “Party Boats”

Like motorists, boat drivers have duties and responsibilities when operating boats in a safe manner. However, boating accidents are still a common occurrence, and damages stemming from these types of accidents can be substantial. Boat owners must make sure that crew members are trained and certified to operate commercial boats. They must also ensure that the vessel is properly maintained and contains all the necessary equipment to safely operate.

According to Texas Parks & Wildlife, the most common boating accidents in 2020 involved boat collisions on waterways, fixed object collisions, being struck by a vessel, collision with a recreational vehicle, capsizing, flooding/swamping, and falling overboard. The months of April through August tend to have the highest numbers of injuries and fatalities nationwide. Between the years 2013-2017, there were 813 reported recreational boat accidents, with 200 of those being fatal.

A victim of a boating accident may have a right to compensation for losses suffered. In fact, Texas Parks & Wildlife require that owners of a so-called “party boat” and other commercial boats maintain at least a minimum of $300,000 of liability insurance from an insured licensed to do business in Texas. This ensures that victims of boating accidents have a recourse to recover medical costs for injuries and property damages, while also keeping in check boat owners and operators.

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