Exploding Tires: A More Common Threat Than Previously Known

Recent changes in reporting by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed that injuries and death resulting from tire failures are much higher than previously accounted for—up to three times higher according to some estimates. In 2019 alone (the last full year of reporting under pre- Covid-19 pandemic conditions), there were 612 reported traffic fatalities arising from tire-related crashes.

In approaching incidents involving the failure of a tire, it is important to note some common defects that may cause a tire to fail:

  1. Tread Separation
  2. Tread and steel belt separation
  3. Poorly repaired or patched tire puncture
  4. Zipper failure
  5. Bead failures
  6. Retread failure
  7. Improper mounting of the tire
  8. Wrong sized tire for vehicle
  9. Multi-piece wheel explosions (split rim)
  10. Mechanical problem causing irregular wear on the tire

Depending on the type of defect that causes a tire to fail, a number of different parties may be held responsible to an injured person or their family in the event of a catastrophic tire failure or explosion.  Some examples include:

  1. Designer of the tire or component of the tire that failed
  2. Manufacturer of the tire or component of the tire that failed
  3. Mechanic shop who mounted the tire
  4. Mechanic shop who performed services on the tire

In wrecks with commercial vehicles, a trucking company may be able to be held liable for failing to inspect and maintain a tire’s condition.

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