2019 Statistics Show Increase in Workplace Deaths

Recently released statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor show that there were 5,333 fatalities related to recorded work injuries in 2019. It was the highest number of workplace deaths in a single year. 5,333 is an increase of nearly 200 additional deaths from 2018.

The basic reasons for these fatal events included transportation incidents, falls, slips and trips, and exposure to harmful substances or environments. The numbers include other recorded events such as contact with objects and equipment, fires, explosions, violence, or other injuries caused by people. Nearly 25% of these workplace fatalities involved those workers who were drivers or salespersons with driving responsibilities.

There was a large increase in fatalities for those working in construction and grounds maintenance. Among those in the construction occupations, the last majority were not supervisors and were those more commonly employed in the various trade workers present at construction projects.

Not all companies report workplace incidents involving injuries or deaths to OSHA or other government agencies. Unfortunately, even in the tragic loss of a person, the employer usually begins their own investigation and does not share the details and facts of the incident with the family of the deceased or injured worker. Most people are left in the dark while the companies do what they can to avoid responsibility or blame the deceased worker.

When there is a fatality of a worker, the family of the deceased worker should immediately hire an experienced attorney to investigate the incident to see if it was preventable and if there is someone else responsible for causing the incident.

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