Multiple Individuals with Houston Ties Found in Miami Condo Collapse

The nation has watched in captivated shock and horror at the recent collapse of the Champlain Towers South condominium building near Miami, Florida.  Local Houston media outlets have now identified at least two individuals with Houston ties among the victims found at the scene of the collapse.

Many residents tragically remain unaccounted for after a portion of the 13 story condo building collapsed on June 24, 2021. It is feared that upwards of 113 individuals may yet be found in the rubble as workers still sift through what remains in search of lost loved ones with the hope of bringing closure for families still waiting.  This is in addition to 32 already identified deceased victims.

Meanwhile, questions remain as to how the structurally compromised building was allowed to be inhabited, particularly given the reported history of prior complaints and engineering reports identifying cracking and other defects.  Local authorities have opened criminal and civil investigations into the cause of the collapse. The tragedy has ignited a larger, national conversation about the safety of aging buildings across the country. Local leaders in Miami have called for building audits with similar efforts occurring in cities in Florida, Texas, and beyond.

Victims and their families will undoubtedly explore how the tragedy could have been prevented—whether owners, architects, engineers, construction teams, and inspectors contributed to causing the collapse and left their residents with a false sense of safety as they laid down to sleep.

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